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Nairobi (Wilson) Serengeti* 12:40 16:00
Nairobi (JKIA) Serengeti* 07:00 09:25
Nairobi (JKIA) Manyara 07:00 11:25
Manyara Nairobi (JKIA) 13:40 17:30
Serengeti* Nairobi (JKIA) 15:10 17:30
Serengeti* Nairobi (Wilson) 10:45 14:50

*times change according to the airstrip


Thanks to this connection guests can now enjoy a safari in the Serengeti, flying to/from Nairobi. This flight is operated on Cessna Grand Caravan, on share charter basis daily to any airstrip in the Serengeti.

We have 2 connections to Nairobi daily.

The first connection work as follow:

The Southbound flight leaves Nairobi (JKIA) at 07:00 on time to collect guests arriving from Europe on Kenya Airways or already in Nairobi, it stops in Musoma where guests can quickly go through customs and then continues to the Serengeti. It reaches Lamai at 09:10, Kogatende at 09:25. Lobo, Grumeti, Singita at 10:05 and Seronera at 10:30.

The Northbound flight picks up passengers from any airstrip in the Serengeti, flies them to Musoma where they go through customs and then continues to Nairobi (JKIA) where it arrives at about 17:30, on time to connect with all major international flights to Europe and USA or to simply enjoy a night out in the city.

This route via Musoma opens up the possibility for a circular safari itinerary: traditionally guests would come in from Nairobi to Kilimanjaro, travel into the Serengeti from the east, enjoy their safari there and finally double back on the same route they came from. Conversely it is now possible for guests to travel from Kilimanjaro or Arusha, cross Manyara and the Serengeti from east to west and then continue on to Nairobi without repeating the same itinerary.  This also allows travelers to spend more time on safari as the flight leaves the Serengeti in the afternoon.

Coming in from Nairobi, passengers enter the Serengeti from the north and can be on safari already in the morning, thus once again allowing more time in the park. They can then travel through the Serengeti and Manyara and finally reach Kilimanjaro for their international flight out of Tanzania or head to Zanzibar and southern Tanzania for a well deserved relax at the beach.

The second connection works as follow: 

The southbound flight leaves from Nairobi (Wilson) at 12:40 and arrives in Kilimanjaro at 13:30. This leg of the flight is operated by SafariLink. Passengers are then transferred onto a Coastal aircraft and arrives in the Serengeti at 16:00.

The northbound flight depart from the Serengeti at 10:45 and arrive at Kilimajaro at 12:30. Guests then leave with the SafariLink flight out of Kilimanjaro at 14:00 and arrive Nairobi (Wilson) at 14:50.


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