Airport Service Tax
The Tanzanian Government has mandated an airport service tax for all passengers embarking on a flight from a government airstrip; that is most airstrips in Tanzania except a few privately owned ones:
- for all domestic flights: USD 8 per person
- for all International flights: USD 40 per person

Safety Fee
The Tanzanian Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) has also been authorized by the Government to collect a safety fee which goes to cover the costs of air traffic control and managing the airspace.
- for all domestic flights from government as well as privately owned airstrips: USD 3 per
person per each sector flown till 31st May 2017
- for all International flights originated in Tanzania: USD 15 per person till 31st May 2017
Please note the TCAA has introduced a tax increase of USD 2 effective from 1st June 2017 on the above amounts.

International taxes for incoming flights
- International flights originating from other countries coming to Tanzania:
Rwanda: USD 45 per person in 2017
Kenya: USD 70 per person in 2017

All the above taxes are calculated by Coastal and added to the cost of the ticket automatically.

For passengers coming into Tanzania from other countries, taxes payable in the country where the flight originates, may be applicable and we request you to enquire for more details if needed.

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