Arusha Airport Security
Arusha Airport have recently installed a second security screening point. The first one is now between the carpark and the Check-in area. The second one is from the Check-in area to the airside apron area. This has meant that now extra time is required to make sure you do not miss your flight. The Arusha minimum Check-in Time is now extended to 60 minutes, as a result.

Check-in Time
Please make sure you adhere to the minimum Check-in Time on your ticket. The departure time, is NOT the boarding time, but the time that the wheels of the aircraft should leave the ground. The Flight will be deemed to be closed 15 minutes before the departure time and any late passenger may be considered to be a NO SHOW.

Inter-terminal Transfers
We wish to remind all our agents that we offer complimentary inter-terminal transfers at Julius Nyerere International Airport, Dar es Salaam. We are in the process of upgrading our minibuses, so this service will have a whole new look, by mid-October. This service is best pre-booked at the time of booking and will also be available within the next week as an “Ancillary” that can be selected, in the booking process. It is important to stress this service is NOT a Meet and Greet Service. The Airport Authorities do not allow us to meet guests airside. On exiting the arrivals hall, guests should turn immediately left and find the Coastal Kiosk located in the left-hand wall 20 metres from the Arrivals door. One of our staff will be there to coordinate the transfer. Please note this service is ONLY available to Coastal Aviation passengers connecting to or from a Coastal Aviation flight.

Kenya Bans Plastic Bags
We received news that Kenya is banning plastic bags. This will affect all arriving passengers into the country. Whilst some news is still hearsay, we are hearing the fines and penalties may be punitive. Please alert your clients and guests accordingly.

Visa Issues in Kigali
We had a case where guests arrived in Kigali and were deemed to not have a valid visa. This caused us to be fined $3,000 by the Rwandan authorities. It transpired that the guests had an East African Univisa. They had applied through Uganda for this. The Rwandan authorities deemed this visa to be invalid as the guests should have applied to Rwanda, their first arrival point, rather than Uganda. Please ask you guests to double check this should it apply to them. We will no longer be responsible for any fines, should this recur. On Application for a Visa, the applicant is given a tracking number. It is important that we receive this tracking number, in order to be able to verify the visa, before flight.

Visa Issues in Kigali – part II
Following our previous communication relating to Visa issues in Rwanda, we now have more to share: as per the Rwanda Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration website there seems to be differences in interpretation. What seems to be happening is guests need to understand that they must apply to a diplomatic mission of the first country in the East African Tourist Visa bloc they visit (similar to Schengen). The Rwandese seem to interpret the multiple entry as that you may cross the borders between Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya… but that as soon as you leave these countries (ie to Tanzania) then the visa is deemed to have expired and a second visa is then required. Recently we had another such incident. Guests had the East Africa Tourist Visa and used it to enter Kenya. They then left Kenya and then went to Tanzania; we then flew them from Tanzania to Rwanda. The immigration officers in Rwanda would not accept their East African Tourist Visa as they deemed it expired. Luckily the guests were American and therefore eligible to purchase a visa on arrival… had that not been the case, we would have been forced to repatriate them to Tanzania and fined $3000! We are seeking clarification through the East African Tourism Platform, however, in the meantime, please be alert to these issues.

Yellow Fever Certificates
We wish to remind all our passengers travelling from the Maasai Mara to The Serengeti via Migori and Tarime need to have a valid Yellow Fever Certificate. Recently we have had many guests held up for over an hour at the Isebenia Border by Tanzanian Port health officials. These issues have been causing delays to flights and affecting other well prepared guests. We do not like having to leave late passengers behind…but sadly, it may, in the end, have to come to that.