Safari is the most famous Swahili word and “Safari Njema” is the wish we, since time immemorial, in East Africa, extend to all travellers. A Safari is not just a trip; as travelling in Africa has always provided surprises and sometime even danger, a Safari has become a state of mind, connected with a sense of adventure and much curiosity for all that is around us. We hope you will approach your experience with our flying safaris in the same spirit of our elders…

Coastal Aviation is a small safari company operating in what can sometimes be difficult conditions. We care about you and try our best to make your flying safari memorable, but also ask that you approach this experience in the right spirit and attitude as most of the destinations we fly to are in remote bush areas.

Change of Itinerary? Time? Date? Because of the size of our planes, we cannot really play with numbers, therefore we have to enforce some amendment and cancellation policies. The rules may vary from flight to flight according to the fare class, the season and the advance on the flight date. They are always detailed during the booking process and on every document issued, so make sure you review them carefully before finalising your itinerary.

Tight Connection? Are you arriving in Tanzania with little time to spare before your local flight to your first safari destination? Then we suggest you get your entry visa before leaving your country. This will save valuable time at entry point. Tight connection on departure? While we cannot possibly take responsibility for making the connection, we might be able to help if you tell us ahead of time.

Family or group that would like to fly together? We will try our best, but with small planes and a variety of restrictions on our operations, we may not be able to accommodate you: explain your needs to ground staff or to the Captain, we will try!

Have you considered a Private Charter? If you are in a group it may be convenient and….more fun! And it may be cheaper too.

Ever lost your bags? Well that can happen at Coastal too! In particular we point out that we do NOT tag and take charge of your bags like large airlines do, but rather we assist you in carrying it and expect you do not lose sight of your stuff and make sure it goes on the plane as well as on safari with you. All this will be made easy by carrying small soft bags.

Large Baggage? Please do leave it home! Bush destinations only require small soft bags, friendly to small aircraft and more likely to travel with you. In case of need we can store your larger bags at our offices and return them to you on your way home; hence dividing your things in different bags will be practical. Remember, it is not a matter of price: being willing to pay for extra luggage does not increase the plane capacity. If you really need to carry more stuff, such as fishing rods, special camera equipment, wheelchair etc. please advise us at time of reservation and we will try to make arrangements, keep space available or give suggestions.

Large people? Our aircraft are small; you may find that despite our best goodwill we just cannot fit you: please let us know at time of booking and we shall study and arrange ahead of time how to accommodate you.

Late getting to the Airport? Well, while we will wait a little while for you in the bush, provided you tell us (see below), we are not going to wait at main airports, so please be on time. We close 15 minutes before the flight and give your seat to wait-listed passengers.

Puctuality: Coastal Flying Safaris are designed to link camps located in remote tourist destinations to each other and to Urban Centres. As we strive to deliver on our promise, “to transport guests between these points in accordance with the prearranged Itinerary,” things are never predictable and long delays may arise: difficult roads, floods, unusable airstrips, bad weather and a number of other factors impossible to estimate may conspire against a precise timetable. On occasion our routing might have to be changed or additional aircraft be deployed, but we will always strive to insure that your safari program will not suffer. To minimize waiting time and discomfort please keep in touch, communicate with us. At our Control Centre, we do keep track of the aircrafts’ progress at all times and, while we would be hard pressed to call you, we really look forward to your call: so please reconfirm with us, frequently call or send a text to our control hot line dialing 075 C-O-A-S-T-A-L ( +255 75 262 7825 ) and get the latest information on the aircraft position, possible delays, change of timing, weather conditions, etc.

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